a short film written and directed by amy talkington
starring glenn fitzgerald and aleksa palladino
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glenn fitzgerald plays "billy" a bumbling, gawky pet store worker who only has eyes for the store's most exotic creature -- a six foot snake. that is until the day a mesmerizing customer impulsively buys billy's slithery charge. an unlikely love triangle is formed as the three share a bus ride through suburban hell and survive to enjoy a moment of freedom. talkington co-wrote the script with lara shapiro.

"second skin" won numerous top festival prizes and screened at more than forty festivals, including the sundance film festival. it also sold to television worldwide including canal + france, hbo and the sundance channel.

TRT: 15 minutes, 16mm, optical sound, © 1998.


"talkington's at the top of her eccentric game in this dreamy, triangular love-story" -- guardian UK

"second skin has the off-beat mystery and visual complexity of a hitchcock thriller" -- vogue magazine

"chillingly accurate...remarkable, a quick buzz of delight" -- the voice (l.i. edition)

"anyone who has ever had a moment of uncertainty or a moment of triumph can easily relate to second skin's message" -- the weekender

"exceptional performances from ice storm's glenn fitzgerald and manny and lo's aleksa palladino" -- the dallas observer



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best student short, austin film festival, 1998
lagniappe award, new orleans film festival 1998
the new line cinema award for best director, columbia university film festival, 1998
milos forman fund recipient / columbia university, 1997
women in film / dallas project scholarship, 1997
the new line cinema development award, 1997


sundance film festival, 1999
ocularis screening series, 1999
philadelphia festival of world cinema, 1998
st. louis international film festival, 1998
shorts international film festival, 1998
ft. lauderdale international film festival, 1998
bbc international short film festival, 1999
mill valley international film festival, 1998
nantucket film festival, 1998
newport film festival, 1998
naples international film festival, 1998
seattle international film festival,1998
los angeles independent film festival, 1998
usa film festival, 1998
aspen shortsfest aspen, 1998
columbia university festival of new works, 1998


the sundance channel, 2004
hbo/cinemax, 1999
canal + france, 2000
canal+ spain, 1999