a feature film written and directed by amy talkington
starring tom wilkinson, nick stahl and selma blair


max hagan is going through another rough divorce. when his soon-to-be ex-wife throws him out of his house with nothing but the clothes he's wearing (including a pair of "white pants"), he becomes entangled in sex, drugs and rock-'n'-roll-laden adventure with his daughter's punk-rocker boyfriend as he tries to make things right between himself and his dysfunctional family.

the film stars oscar nominee tom wilkinson, nick stahl and selma blair. It also features frances fisher, janine turner, geri jewell, fran kranz and laura jordan.

the movie premiered at the 2006 tribeca film festival and was released on dvd by image entertainment in october, 2008. you can rent it at, and in video stores across the country. or, order your own dvd copy today!

"night of the white pants" was shot by acclaimed cinematographer jim denault and edited by david leaonard, two of talkington's frequent collaborators. anne harrison produced the film.

TRT: 89 minutes, HDcam, DolbyE, © 2006.


"it'll entertain the pants off you!" -- daily candy

"wilkinson carries off his part with a splendid swagger." -- screen international

"a cool and sassy fish out of water story." -- michael granberry, dallas morning news

"wilkinson's hound-dog eyes keep his performance refreshingly grounded. the audience ate it up" -- indiewire

"more than one or two of us have dysfunctional families or have found ourselves on the downswing of a previously up pendulum. that's just life, and 'the night of the white pants' captures it wonderfully." -- mark bell, film threat

"a middle-of-the-night gem" -- examiner los angeles

"there's a lot going on - characters, subplots, set up gags with long term payoff - but it's done brilliantly. what could have been a mess of a movie in lesser hands becomes a genuinely thoughtful piece, aided along by Talkington's writing and her direction of a strong cast." -- cole abaius, film school rejects

"amy talkington is looking for a distributor for her dramedy "the night of the white pants" but if the response to its night 2 screening is any indication, she won't be looking much longer." -- the hollywood reporter

"a good little off-beat comedy made in Dallas starring Tom Wilkinson as a man smack dab in the middle of losing his family, losing his wife, and losing his mind."
-- gary cogill, wfaa dallas

"white pants... looks for the sublime in the pedestrian, which is about as good a working definition of "punk" as you can get. tom wilkinson is ... just an old man in his underwear, and he's about as loveable as your three favorite chords." -- brandon k. thorp, new times

"a crafty blend of family drama and a screwball scavenger hunt" -- dvd town

"In her film 'The Night of the White Pants' she manages to balance on that tightrope [balancing comedy and drama] to near perfection" -- home theater info

"[a] little gem... possesses a low-key, quiet dignity about itself and its comedy" -- IGN Movies



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Fran and Jessica Club
Frances Car Gang
Selma Max Raff
Aunt Lolly Jail
Selma and Nick in Bed Shot


langdon review of the arts in texas, 2008
cinequest film festival, 2008
the tribeca film festival, 2006
the austin film festival, 2006
the high falls film festival, 2006
the fort lauderdale international film festival, 2006
the afi/dallas film festival, 2007
angelika film center, 2007. "white pants" was extended for a four week run!
payomet screening series, 2007


the movie features an extraordinary score from new talent, tony tisdale. tisdale used a unique palette of instrumentation, including the ukulele, which perfectly captures the movie's tone with both feeling and playfulness.

the movie also features more than fifteen songs from texas bands - ranging from the old-school austin punk-rockers the dicks, to garage-rock legends the 13th floor elevators to up-and coming dallas bands such as the golden falcons to pop sensations spoon.

the centerpiece song is a cover of the legendary iggy and the stooges song "search and destroy" by austin's young heart attack, produced by robbie adams.


"the night of the white pants" was released on dvd by image entertainment. you can rent it at, and in video stores across the country. you can also rent or buy from itunes. or, order your own dvd copy today!

"the night of the white pants" can currently be seen on showtime and tmc. check their websites for details.