feature article about amy and her creative family in dallas' FD Luxe magazine

"[talkington's work exhibits] a sly, caustic sense of humor, a playfulness that can go dark fast"
- dallas morning news

feature interview with YA magazine

"one of twenty-five indie faces to watch..."
- filmmaker magazine

"one of the few women to break out on the internet..."
- the n. y. times

"[one of] new york's hip filmmakers hauling indie out of the underground" - vogue magazine

"for a kid who left at 16 never intending to look back, dallas has proved to be highly fertile turf - in ways that are anything but shallow and fake."
- michael granberry, the dallas morning news

"we love amy talkington's quirky dramas."
- the guardian u.k.

"her two shorts second skin and bust show a great sense of visual composition and a smart, unforced sweetness that stands is stark contrast to the current culture of cynicism."
- chris vognar, the dallas morning news

feature article in lucky magazine

feature article in d magazine

cover article in quick dfw


"the book synopsis on the jacket clearly states that liv is viciously murdered, so it should come as no surprise-and yet, somehow, it does... the story, a romance meets ghost story meets mystery, is well written and authentic."
- the cleveland plain dealer

"boarding school books seem to enjoy a special appeal, with their uppercrusty traditions, old buildings, and secret societies - how can a boarding school not be a bewitching setting for a great mystery? author and screenwriter amy talkington has created a doozy with her wickham hall novel, liv, forever."
- everday ebook

"part murder mystery, part ghost story, part romance, Liv, Forever is 100% thrilling... a privileged boarding school setting, a sinister secret society and a sweet romance that transcends even death combine to make this a pitch-perfect paranormal."
- justine magazine

"an interesting mix of paranormal fiction, mystery, and romance in her debut novel... Liv is a likable outsider whose lack of understanding of [Wickham Hall's] traditions should resonate with readers who've ever felt like they don't quite fit in."
- school library journal

"a spooky conspiracy and a prestigious boarding school. it's elementary, dear readers, why this is a match made in heaven... somebody set up the ouija board and bust out the candles-I'm ready to commune with your spirits."
- forever YA

"hits plenty of buttons for school-conspiracy and romance fans... the narrator-as-ghost adds an interesting twist."
"Liv, Forever is quickly paced, expertly plotted and most of all a delight to read."
- sweety high

"this quirky love story will appeal to teens who enjoy a good ghost story."
- voya magazine

"the book is laden with references to the Smiths and Echo and the Bunnymen, William Blake and Basquiat. it's a bit more cultured that the average young adult title." - dallas morning news

"Liv, Forever is a suspenseful, unique novel that will appeal to lovers of ghost stories and mysteries alike."
- book trib

"think Ghost meets The Sixth Sense, acted by the brat pack... relentlessly visual."
- publishers weekly

"a smart and emotionally affecting detective story... a must-read for anyone looking for a smart paranormal thriller with emotional depth."
- reviewing the evidence

"For your vicarious (read: imaginary) spring break... Order now."
- daily candy dallas announcement in deadline hollywood

liv, forever was featured in the "dazzling debuts" webinar presented by booklist, october, 2013.


"'second skin' has the off-beat mystery and visual complexity of a hitchcock thriller."
- vogue magazine

"exceptional performances from the ice storm's glenn fitzgerald and manny & lo's aleksa palladino."
- dallas observer on "number one fan" and "second skin"

"talkington's at the top of her eccentric game in this dreamy, triangular love-story"
- guardian uk on "second skin"

"chillingly accurate...remarkable, a quick buzz of delight"
- the voice (l.i. edition) on "second skin"

"anyone who has ever had a moment of uncertainty or a moment of triumph can easily relate to second skin's message." - the weekender

"a night of eerie adventure in the hamptons [with] apocalyptic costumes designed by tracy feith"
- vogue magazine on "number one fan"

"directed with a striking vision, compelling images & intense performances from a young, edgy cast. we're delighted to honor her work."
- ted hartley, rko pictures on "number one fan"


"it'll entertain the pants off you!"
- daily candy

"more than one or two of us have dysfunctional families or have found ourselves on the downswing of a previously up pendulum. that's just life, and 'the night of the white pants' captures it wonderfully."
- mark bell, film threat

"wilkinson carries off his part with a splendid swagger."
- screen international

"a cool and sassy fish out of water story."
- michael granberry, dallas morning news

"wilkinson's hound-dog eyes keep his performance refreshingly grounded. the audience ate it up"
- indiewire

"there's a lot going on - characters, subplots, set up gags with long term payoff - but it's done brilliantly. what could have been a mess of a movie in lesser hands becomes a genuinely thoughtful piece, aided along by Talkington's writing and her direction of a strong cast."
- cole abaius, film school rejects

"a good little off-beat comedy made in Dallas starring Tom Wilkinson as a man smack dab in the middle of losing his family, losing his wife, and losing his mind."
- gary cogill, wfaa dallas

"white pants... looks for the sublime in the pedestrian, which is about as good a working definition of "punk" as you can get. tom wilkinson is ... just an old man in his underwear, and he's about as loveable as your three favorite chords."
- brandon k. thorp, new times


"****...a small jewel of a film...dazzling."
- premiere magazine on "the new arrival"

- sight and sound on "the new arrival"

"the new arrival is an ingenious and even poignant riff on technological change."
- filmmaker magazine on "the new arrival"

"interaction of a different stripe..."
- wired magazine on "the new arrival"

"the internet has a new arrival..."
- on "the new arrival"

"have you ever watched a movie and wanted to move the camera to see what happened to that actor who walked offscreen or to look back at a beautiful sunset after the director cut away for another shot? well, now you can."
- on "the new arrival"

"the plot makes use of the technology by planting visual clues throughout, many of which aren't seen unless the film is viewed several times from different angles." - associated press on "the new arrival"

"loosen your collar, dim the lights, and put the cat out. award-winning director amy talkington is serving up generous portions of sex talk, lies and videotape in this steamy new short"
- the guardian u.k. on "our very first sex tape"

"a racy short film."
- us weekly on "our very first sex tape"

"racy! nasty!"
- e! entertainment television on "our very first sex tape"



photo credit: katrina dickson

photo credit: katrina dickson

photo credit: katrina dickson

photo credit: katrina dickson

photo credit: FD Luxe


on the set of "the night of the white pants"

with oscar nominee tom wilkinson on the set of "the night of the white pants"

on the set of "bust"

with cinematographer jim denault
photo credit: steve clicque

with selma blair on the set of "the night of the white pants"

with nick stahl and the band from "the night of the white pants"


in filmmaker magazine

on the cover of quick dfw

in D Magazine

in vogue magazine

in the dallas morning news